Metal lockers for sale

Lockers come in a wide variety of styles and materials. If you’re looking for a metal locker for a commercial, industrial, medical, or educational setting, then read on.

Commercial Lockers

Lockers have a wide range of uses in a commercial setting. From allowing workers to securely store their property to providing a safe space for sensitive equipment, commercial lockers are versatile and useful. Commercial lockers can be made with “feet” on the bottom, raising the locker up several inches off the ground to keep it safe from spills. Commercial lockers don’t need to be the tiny double-stacked affairs you remember from middle school. They can be wide and include space for things like gear, helmets, clothing, etc.

Medical Lockers

Medical lockers are made for medical application, and can include an anti-microbial coating that prevents the transmission of bacteria, the growth of mold in the corners, and creates an inhospitable environment to microbes. The surfaces are also slightly slanted to cause liquids and dust to slide off and prevent accumulation of disease-friendly environments.

School Lockers

No locker does heavier duty than those at a school setting. For your school locker, get our heavy duty metal lockers and they’ll last for years, even under heavy use. Lockers can be double stacked or just tall individual lockers, come with feet or be flat bottomed, depending on your need.




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